is *.im a st80 image file?

Tim Rowledge rowledge at
Fri Jun 12 04:46:15 UTC 1998

On Thu 11 Jun, Douglas E. Hammond wrote:

> This system was marketed by SoftSmarts, Inc. (now long defunct).  It
> featured a 286 protected-mode interpreter and a hardware protection
> device (a.k.a. a "dongle").
Oh my, this brings back memories; I used a copy of this to try to clone an
image without an OT (for a direct pointer, generation scavenging VM
design) way, way back in 87. The d$%^%£%m thing would only keep running for
about the time it took to do ~2/3rds of the job....
> I'm a bit surprised to learn that the interpreter ran on top of Win 3.1.
> I'd be very surprised if it ran on top of Win 95.
I was always surprised it ran on DOS! At least, any time it ran for more
than a short while.


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