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>I'm not proud of the mechanism -- if you have a better idea, I'm open to
it.  I thought of having a personality file on disk, but I was reluctant to
complicate Squeak's environment too much.

How about this? It even allows for a kind of login with a scroll of various
available authors... like

"Please identify yourself before starting to work. Choose between these
already recognized, or type in your own.


Your selection: tinyGrasshopper


I still don't like it that much, although I like it better. Here's a
summary of what this change set will do. It will overwrite the method 
that invoked
the amnesia on AuthorInitials in SystemDictionary. Utilities will also
include a pair of methods and a pair of reimplementations. And then, a new
AuthorInitialsManager class will be filed in that same category. All 
other functions
about author initials in Utilities will be sent to AuthorInitialsManager.
I've tested it some and it seems to work.

In its current state, the AIManager has several moods and two startup
modes. The first is the soft startup mode. A soft startup is a normal 
startup, no
image moving or anything. The manager has three moods:

1. Ignore: won't bother about user initials (default).
2. Disturb: will pretend a hard startup has just happened.
3. AskAlways: will always ask for user initials.

Hard startups occur when the image has been moved. The manager has three

1. DanIngalls: will forget the author's initials (and let the system
complain later).
2. Warn: will warn the user about the fact that he/she should check the
author's initials.
3. AskAlways: will ask for new author initials.

Have fun.


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