Font Quest

Dan Ingalls DanI at
Thu Jun 11 03:26:58 UTC 1998

Squeakers all -

The time has come to establish an official Squeak font.  It will be used throughout the system, and must have no strings attached.  As soon as we get a chance, we'll also tie in some reasonable font scaling support.  [Of course you will be able to go on using your favorite fonts converted to Strike format this is just about the default font that comes with Squeak].


We welcome any suggestions that take us pretty directly to a font family that is

	1.  Entirely in the public domain

	2.  In some reasonable scalable form

	3.  Preferably with bold and italic variants (at least for printing)

	4.  Somewhat similar in feel to Comic or Architect

		ie, simple, readable, and pleasantly informal

In order to avoid swamping the list, please mail directly to me.  I'll keep you all informed of our progress.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

	- Dan, for the Squeak Team

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