squeak hogs memory on linux?

Lex Spoon lex at cc.gatech.edu
Thu Jun 11 10:41:26 UTC 1998

Greg Lewin writes:
 > Hi -
 > has anyone found that squeak continually acquires and does not release
 > memory under linux (I'm using Red Hat 5.0, with the 2.0.32 kernel),
 > until either squeak is terminated or the system hangs - needing reboot? 
 > The symptom is that the little graph of (what I take to be) system
 > virtual memory keeps on ramping up to "saturation" (i.e. maximum) and
 > then tops out, before the above crash happens.

Where's the graph come from, by the way?  I know my load meter goes
from 0 up to 1 when I run Squeak for a while, because it's constantly
running and hogging *CPU*.  Could you be looking at a load meter by
any chance?

Also, the times when Squeak terminates without hanging the whole
system, can you see what the error message is?

 > My system has 48 meg of RAM and 106 meg of swap partition, so I don't
 > think lack of memory is the problem! Linux is otherwise stable on this
 > machine.

Maybe some piece of hardware is flaking out when you run something CPU
intensive for a while?  Do you run any other CPU intensive stuff
(like, say, quake :))

Squeak rules, crashes suck.


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