headless VM questions

Douglas McPherson dougmcph at cts.com
Thu Jun 25 14:19:03 UTC 1998

Being quite new to Squeak, and this being my first post to this list,  let
me first say that Squeak is the coolest thing I've ever seen. My sincere
thanks to all who have made it possible.

The second coolest thing would have to be PWS and Swiki!

Now for my questions. I've been running a Swiki on a Linux box at work. I
would like to run it headless so that Squeak does not try to open a GUI.
How do I do this? I recompiled the VM with -DHEADLESS and got an
appropriately named executable, but when I start it up I still get a GUI.
Is there a corresponding image change which I need, or a command line


Doug McPherson

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