squeak hogs memory on linux?

Greg Lewin greg at quokka.demon.co.uk
Thu Jun 11 21:17:21 UTC 1998

In message <199806111127.NAA27946 at prof.inria.fr>, Ian Piumarta
<piumarta at prof.inria.fr> writes
>> Ian Piumarta used 2.1.24 for his linux port. I guess he had some
>> reason for it.
>It's an extremely stable version of 2.1, particularly on PowerPC.  Having
>installed it on my Mac, it made sense to install it on my Intel laptop too.
>(FWIW, the 2.1.1xx kernels are also becoming very stable, with PPC support
>integrated into the main sources: it may soon be time to upgrade to the
>cutting edge.)  2.1.24 also supports the clone-based linuxthreads, and the
>QNX-style real-time scheduler extensions -- which are both important to me
>for obscure reasons...

yes, I'm going to try upgrading the kernel soon.

>Squeak doesn't leak memory. 

I'm sorry I suggested it might! Using the top utility, it looks as if
memory usage is constant for squeak, and not excessive.

> Apart from kernel bugs, the only other thing
>that I would suspect is the X server.  It may be fixed now, but X used to
>have trouble freeing server resources.

you're not the only one to suggest that: I'm using Xfree, and may try
the red hat release which has Metro X included. Is this well known as

Greg Lewin

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