bugette in 2.0

Andreas Raab raab at isgnw.cs.Uni-Magdeburg.DE
Sun Jun 21 10:37:13 UTC 1998


> I just compiled 2.0 (on FreeBSD) and there still seems to be a bug with
> the PlayWithMe-4 demo.  That's the online Oopsla article and when I click
> on the right arrow 'go to next page' in the control panel (to the right of
> the '+' button), Squeak just hangs ... (I have to kill it).  This bug was
> also in my 1.31 and 1.19 version, I believe.  If somebody is interested in
> this, and can give me a clue on how to debug this, please contact me. 

You'll probably have to disable the sound output first. Choose "turn sound
off" from the desktop help menu and it should work ok.

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