floatarray primitives

Eric King rex at smallandmighty.com
Tue Jun 2 13:20:35 UTC 1998

:I am looking for floatarray which are implemented in primitives for speed.
:I want to use them for intensive vector and matrix type calculations.

	I'm also interested in some capabilities like this, but I don't think it's
very high on the Squeak team's to-do list, and I haven't found any third
parties who've attempted this yet. There's also the question as to how much
such a library would bloat the Squeak VM. 
	Personally, I think a high-speed & portable math library would be a
wonderful addition to Squeak and go a long way towards increasing its
performance. I am willing to help out on such a project but how should such
a library be structured? Matrix routines seem like a good place to start,
but what sorts of matrix routines? You mention a floatarray class, should
it be strictly one dimensional for simplicity, or n-dimensional for
generality? (I'm a voxel person, so I have an interest in seeing fast
support for 3D arrays ;)) 


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