Application Question

Brian Klump klumpba at
Mon Jun 8 20:04:20 UTC 1998

Is there a port of the Refractoring Browser for VisualWorks
to Squeak?  Also, is there anything similar to the EnvironmentEditor
(it's a workspace that holds onto local variable...super handy, I use
it at work under VW)?  I've been looking around at Squeak, and it's
really neat!  Oh yeah, one other quick one, is there a de-facto site
just for Squeak goodies/applications?  I've found FTP sites with some
stuff on them, but sometimes they don't have descriptions or anything.
 If there isn't one, I would be interested in helping to start it (or
helping out in any way I can on a current one).  Thanks, and keep up
the great work!

-Brian Klump
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