couple o' questions

David Farber dfarber at
Tue May 19 13:46:11 UTC 1998

>>API call names can be symbols or strings. Try this
>>aoVWriteDevice: deviceNumber channel: channelNumber voltage: voltage
>>  <api: 'AO_VWrite' ushort ushort double short>
>>  ^self invalidArgument
>doesn't work. i get an "Invalid Argument" error. when i inspect the call
>stack, i see that <deviceNumber> is set to self, <channelNumber> is set to
>what <deviceNumber> should be, and <voltage> is set to what <channelNumber>
>should be.

in fact, i even went into the TypeTable in the Scanner and changed leftArrow
to pretend that it is just another letter (in the hopes that the scanner
would see AO_VWrite as one token). it compiled (which it hadn't before), but
i got the same error and problems mentioned above.


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