Workspaces wasting memory

sqrmax at sqrmax at
Mon May 25 07:13:15 UTC 1998

Hi Andreas.

>The Workspace includes a dictionary with the bindings. All your undeclared
>stuff can be found there. Try adding

Silly me... the huge ByteArray I saw was then a 100kb byteArray I had in 
the workspace in question. I could ask for the keys of the dictionary to see 
what's going on... and indeed! I found a lost finiteStateModel, which I 
promptly nilled and got the few megabytes back.

>  bindings _ nil

Hehehehe... by the way, I noticed that workspaces also keep names pointing 
to nil... I would also include:

bindings keysDo:
  [:each |
    (bindings at: each) isNil ifTrue: [bindings removeKey: each]

>and then:


>This should give you most of the space back (given that it's really the
>workspace bindings ;-)

Well yes, a lost finite state model is quite a big structure. Talking about 
big memory requirements, how do I increase the amount of memory the virtual 
machine uses?



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