FTPing with Squeak

Maloney johnm at wdi.disney.com
Fri May 1 20:31:36 UTC 1998

>We're trying to do some FTP uploads with FTPsocket in Squeak 1.31.  It
>works great with out local UNIX system, but we can't seem to make it work
>with any Mac-based FTP servers (e.g., Netpresenz, NCSA Telnet's FTP
>Server).  We can't find one that supports passive transfers.
>My questions are:
>- Does anyone know of an FTP server that we can use on a Mac that supports
>passive transfers?  (Security folk are more willing to allow us to do
>anonymous FTP uploads to a Mac than to a UNIX box.)
>- Or, is it hard to convert FTPSocket to do active transfers?

It should be quite easy. Ted did the original FTPsocket in less
than a day. You just need to get the FTP protocol spec, which is
available on the web as an "RFC". I think you can find it starting
at starting at www.org

	-- John

P.S. We did passive mode just because it works better from behind
certain types of firewalls.

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