Disney email addresses

Ted K. tedk at wdi.disney.com
Thu May 21 11:07:37 UTC 1998

	Several people have complained that email sent to us at Disney is bouncing.  The problem is that the X-sender field of our messages is "tedk at bobo.rd.wdi.disney.com", and the "bobo.rd" address will not accept email.  If your email program uses the X-Sender field in a reply, you'll have to type in our real addresses:

tedk at wdi.disney.com
dani at wdi.disney.com
johnm at wdi.disney.com
scottw at wdi.disney.com

	Not that we need any more email!

	Does anyone know what specifically needs to be done to our mail server to change the X-Sender field?  Or to allow mail in via that path?   "bobo.rd" is indeed our mail server machine.


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