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 (OBJECTSHARE-INC)(OBJS) ObjectShare Announces New Academic Program;
Releases        Free, Non-Commercial Version of Popular VisualWorks Development
Suite                                 (Business Wire; 05/05/98)

    Business Editors and High-Tech Writers

     IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 5, 1998--ObjectShare Inc.
(Nasdaq:  OBJS), the object-oriented solutions provider for network computing,
Tuesday  announced the ObjectEducation Program, offering a comprehensive, value-
added  program tailored to facilitate the adoption and education of object-
oriented  concepts by individuals or within established computer science

     In conjunction with this program, ObjectShare is releasing a free, non-
 commercial version of the company's flagship product, VisualWorks. The
ObjectEducation Program also includes proven curricula in objects, and is
extended to include tools, courses, and support for both Smalltalk and Java.

     "It is important for universities to have access to the latest tools and
materials to provide a continuing pool of talent in the object-oriented
programming market," said Jim Smith, ObjectShare's senior vice president of
 worldwide sales. "These new programs and products provide universities with
exciting new options to create the future of computing."

     "VisualWorks Non-Commercial and the ObjectEducation program are great news
 for the academic community, and will make it easy for any teacher to take
advantage of the power of Smalltalk," said Dr. Ralph Johnson, coordinator of
Project Design Activity, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne.

     "For over a decade, I have been using VisualWorks for both teaching and
research. It is ideal for teaching because it makes objects concrete and easy
for beginners to visualize. It is full of examples of good design that help
students to become good designers, and in research, it lets me build robust
systems quickly."

     The ObjectEducation Program is comprised of three tiers. ObjectScholar, an
 entry option that includes access to products for teaching/lab use in smaller
schools; ObjectAcademy, a full-featured program that adds teaching and
research, and Master ObjectAcademy, which adds ObjectShare's proven
educational  curricula in objects, Smalltalk and Java.

VisualWorks Non-Commercial Availability

     The free VisualWorks Non-Commercial version, for Windows NT, will be made
available in May for download from the ObjectShare Web site. This version
is a  full feature set of the VisualWorks development environment but is
restricted  license for usage for evaluation, non-commercial, or in-dormitory
purposes  only.

ObjectEducation Program Availability

     The ObjectEducation Program offerings are available through
ObjectShare  Educational Sales by calling 800/759-7272. Additional
information on  ObjectEducation is available on the ObjectShare Web site at

About VisualWorks

     VisualWorks is a powerful object-oriented application development
environment for building state-of-the-art network computing applications that
are truly portable across Windows, Macintosh and most UNIX platforms.
VisualWorks developers benefit from an integrated development environment,
enhanced application delivery, and incorporation of a powerful suite of
development tools, including the ObjectLens for bridging between relational
databases and objects, GUI interface painter and the proven ANSI compliant
VisualWorks Smalltalk language. VisualWorks applications are easy to maintain,
enable rapid development and allow dynamic response to changes in your

About ObjectShare Inc.

     Founded in 1983, ObjectShare is the leader in object-oriented
solutions  for network computing. With complete support for industry standards
using Java  or Smalltalk, the company offers its development environments,
frameworks,  along with consulting, education and support services worldwide.
With  headquarters in Irvine, the company also maintains offices in Sunnyvale,
Calif., Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

     For more information about ObjectShare, call 800/759-7272 or 949/833-
1122.  ObjectShare's World Wide Web address (URL) is
< -0-

     VisualWorks, Distributed Smalltalk, VisualWave, PARTS and Visual Smalltalk
 are either registered trademarks or trademarks of ObjectShare Inc. in the
United States and/or other countries. Other product and company names herein
may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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     CONTACT:  ObjectShare Inc., Irvine                Brenda Frederich,
Product Manager                714/833-1122                   E-mail:
brenda at                 or                Danielle Carvin,
PR/Marketing Coordinator                714/794-7173                E-mail:
dcarvin at

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