HotDraw for Squeak ?

Phil Weichert weichert at
Mon May 4 22:03:25 UTC 1998

Stefanie Thies wrote:

> I am a student at the university of Paderborn, and I want to write
> a Scientific Visualisation Tool. I saw HotDraw and believe, that this is
> a very good starting point.

If by Scientific Visualization Tool, you are talking about Bar Charts, line
charts, scatter diagrams, etc then HotDraw would be a good source for some
geometric figures (lines, splines) that you will need.  HotDraw was designed
as a interactive drawing tool.  Its units are screen units.

> Has anyone tried to transport it to Squeak?

If anyone has ported it, no one is admitting to it.


> What experience s/he has made ?

The real work in porting will be on the MVC.  Based on what Dan Ingalls has
indicated, if you can wait till Squeak Version 2.0 is available the job will
be a lot easier!

> What is the best version for the transport ?

The lastest version that you can obtained. HotDraw homepage is



> I am glad about every hint and any help would be greatly appreciated!
> Thank you very much!
>                 Stefanie

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