New "free" version of Smalltalk/X

Dwight Hughes dwighth at
Thu May 7 11:36:21 UTC 1998

This might also be of interest to Squeakers (it is "free" for
educational/personal use - much like VW3.0nc):

From: cg at
Newsgroups: comp.lang.smalltalk,comp.object
Subject: New free Smalltalk/X demo release available !!!
Date: Tue, 05 May 1998 08:51:20 -0600

Hello Smalltalkers,

I have uploaded a new demo release of Smalltalk/X to

This includes a whole bunch of new features,
such as
 - GUI builder (menuEditor, bitmap image editor),
 - HTML browser for online documentation,
 - many new widgets (TreeView, FileTreeView, DataSetView ...),
 - multiple namespaces, private classes,
 - syntaxHilighting,
 - much improved launcher,
 - more utilities in the browser,
 - JIT compiler for (i386, sparc, mips, mc68k & alpha)

and, and, ...

Supported architectures are:
        linux ELF (old libc)
        linux a.out
        solaris2.5 (sparc)
        dec-alpha (osf1)
        NeXTStep3.x (mc68k)

Sorry, the openVMS and win/NT versions are not yet
included - watch for announcements in this newsgroup ...

Please see the files README.DEMO_DISTRIB, README
and the architecture specific README.XXX files.

Have fun !!

Claus Gittinger
eXept Software AG
cg at

PS: to ftp-admins:
 you are of course welcome to mirror the stuff on your site
 - ftp-users of stuttgart will be happy if you reduce the
 ST/X network traffic a bit ;-)

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