Windows Morphic problem with "defer display update"

William O. Dargel wDargel at
Mon May 25 06:44:34 UTC 1998

I noticed a problem in the Windows version of the release of 2.0. When
"defer display update" is checked for the VM, Morphs will disappear
completely (along with the cursor) while they are being moved -- and
don't reappear until after the mouse button is released.

This happens only with the 2.0 image with the 2.0 VM (both regular and
jitter). Substitute either the Beta image or the Beta VM (or both) and
the problem doesn't occur.

BTW, any chance of making it possible to set the VM options from the
image and disabling the hot-key? I'd like to be able to use F2 in an
application's interface. Actually, having just tried 'Sensor kbdTest',
I'm wondering are the function keys currently available? or does it
require a VM change?

Bill Dargel            wdargel at
Shoshana Technologies
100 West Joy Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48105  USA

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