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William O. Dargel wDargel at shoshana.com
Fri May 22 06:26:36 UTC 1998

Reinier van Loon wrote:

> do any of you experience the prompt 'Please type your initials' when
> doing 'update code from server'?

Yes. This comes up if you don't already have your initials set in the
image (from saving some code, for instance). I managed to track down
where it's coming from, but I don't understand the nuances of the source
code management well enough to say with any assurance what the fix
should be. Maybe someone else could help out?

The basic problem seems to be that when class comments are filed in, the
changeStamp is ignored and a fresh one (with your initials and the
current date and time) gets written to the change log. Seems unfortunate
to lose that information. The place it breaks down (at least in this one
case) is that ClassCommentReader>>scanFrom: has the changeStamp but
doesn't pass it on to ClassDescription>>classComment: which instead
calls on Utilities class>>changeStamp to get a new one.

It seems that the method should be changed to
ClassDescription>>classComment:stamp:, but I'm not sure how to handle
the other senders and implementors of #classComment:. 
Any ideas out there?

BTW, on a related problem: If you file out a class comment from a
ChangeList (e.g. "Recent changes") it writes out #commentStamp: rather
than the usual #commentStamp:prior:. You can't file it back in since
#commentStamp: isn't implemented. It's actually a bit silly since the
prior: indexAndOffset argument of #commentStamp:prior: is ignored
anyway. I guess the idea of prior (if implemented) would be to be able
to look at previous versions of the class comment.

One way this last problem can be fixed is:

'From Squeak 2.0 BETA of May 8, 1998 on 22 May 1998 at 1:48:12 am'!

!ClassDescription methodsFor: 'fileIn/Out' stamp: 'wod 5/22/1998 01:47'!
commentStamp: changeStamp

    ^ self commentStamp: changeStamp prior: 0! !

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