Maloney johnm at
Tue May 19 15:45:37 UTC 1998

>>>Is it possible that the MessageTally gets spoiled while it runs?
>>I think this may be an off-by-one bug in the debugger's local
>>variable's inspect pane, rather than a bug in MessageTally.
>>Try selecting "startTime" in the debugger and doing a "print it";
>>you'll probably find that it isn't really nil.
>Ahhhh... but it has happened again and yes! (well... no!), startTime is nil 
>when printed in the debugger.

Another possibility is that the MessageTally is still running while
you are looking at it's stack with the debugger. Or perhaps
the reverse; it is NOT running but the startTime variable only
has a meaningful value when it *is* running.

We use MessageTally quite a lot, so I think it generally works.
What was it that you were trying to do?

	-- John

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