Squeak API support

David Anderson deandrsn at uiuc.edu
Fri May 29 02:59:25 UTC 1998

>>Hi Ale,
Hi all... :^)

>>I am using your sqAPI2.0.exe file, and when I run your test examples,
>> some of them crash the VM, giving me a crash dump as below.
>Me too! :^(
>But it work ok during debug !
>(I am using Microsoft Developer Studio for C++ version 4.0)
Same here, except I am using version 5.0.  Works during debug, but not

>Can any squeaker help us?
>Are there any special consideration to compile the VM under Win32 platform?

I'm won't consider myself a true squeaker yet, but I did make some progress
toward a solution and it was Andreas' response to an eariler post of mine
that led me to it.

Basically, I set the compiler to use __stdcall functions instead of __cdecl
functions.  Now everything works except your call back tests.  I haven't
played with your callback routines yet, so I figured with this info it might
be easier for you to track down what the problem might be then for me.

Just in case you don't know...
The compiler option is something like /gx (or in the code generation portion
of the compiler options).  When I went to compile, it gave me one error
(atexit() requires the passed function to be of type __cdecl, so I just
declared void Cleanup() as void __cdecl Cleanup()).  When I recompiled
everything seemed happy.  No more crash during the sleep call, or any of the
other examples for the api, just during the callback examples.

Dave Anderson
deandrsn at uiuc.edu

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