Squeak 2.0 available forAcorn RPC, Phoebe, NC etc

Tim Rowledge rowledge at interval.com
Thu May 28 05:33:04 UTC 1998

I've finally found time to make the release package for Acorn machines and
place it on my website.

The 'normal' image _almost_ works but at the last minute there wasn't time
to get the last couple of fixes in, so there is a small changelog and a
slightly altered image in this release.
I finally found a way to get the hotkeys into the system, so at last you
can do cmd-C etc. I also gave up on trying to use the Acorn $. directory
separator and went to a scheme of faking it out with a $/ and altering the
fileprims slightly to translate. Since Acorn users are getting used to
using URLs for everything, this shouldn't be too painful.
As usual, the VM build package is provided ready to go in a Sparkive and
the runtime is available in both full and slightly shrunk forms, with the
smaller image about 1Mb smaller than the bigger.

New features (above and beyond the belated hotkeys) include new commandline
argument handling (thanks Andreas) so you can find out all the flags and
filenames used at startup, the possibility of putting the base image/change
files inside the !squeak application  so that a default image can be
started with a single d-click, a better !Help file and a cure for warts.

Coming up soon are a 30x faster list displayer, benchmarks, saving images
to a different directory and nasally fitted badgers.

This system should work ok on an Oracle NC (preferably the 'Office'
StrongARM version) if you know how to do the RiscOS->NCOS configure tricks,
and on the 'Phoebe2100' machines. It should function, albeit a little
slowly, on IMS Peanuts as well.


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