New "free" version of Smalltalk/X

Markus Kohler markus_kohler at
Fri May 8 15:37:59 UTC 1998

Eugene Wallingford wrote:
> > Dwight> Sorry, the openVMS and win/NT versions are not yet
> > Dwight> included - watch for announcements in this newsgroup ...
> >
> > (straining hard to see if MacOS is in there...)
> > Nope.  How pointless then.  And didn't even say "Sorry, MacOS is not
> > supported."  How disconnected can they get?
>      Joe Davison also pointed this out, which I missed: the Mac version
>      is not listed.  So Michigan State and Northern Iowa are left out
>      in the cold anyway!
> ---- Eugene

Smalltalk/X originally was an unix-only product for X-windows only
(guess where the
name comes from :-) ). 

They just ported it to Windows but it's not released yet ...


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