How new users get Squeak

Ted K. tedk at
Wed May 20 14:41:20 UTC 1998

	When a new user of Squeak comes to the homepage (squeak at, he or she just wants to download a working system.  The instructions in the Download section 
are divided by machine and OS, but do not clearly state how to download the correct files.  
	As organizer of the pages, I would like some volunteers to help with the instructions for each OS.  Ideally you are a relatively new user, who has been through the process of getting the files recently.  You are very familiar your OS, and how to get Squeak started on it.  You have an eye for what might go wrong and what might be misunderstood.  
	Please volunteer to edit the section on downloading Squeak for your OS.  Supply the correct pointers to the files the user will download from UIUC.  Instructions for the mechanics of downloading (binary?  zipped?) are vital.  There is a general Trouble section, but we may need specific trouble shooting instructions for each OS.
	Reply to <tedk at> with what OS you would like to write for.
	I would love to have the instructions be foolproof and crystal clear.


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