Smalltalk-80 tape

glenn krasner at
Mon May 4 18:34:46 UTC 1998

At 10:49 AM 5/4/98 am, Stephen Travis Pope wrote:
>> We've moved office last month and, during the packaging, we've found a
>> QIC tape labeled: "Smalltalk-80 Version 2.4 for Sun 386i Workstation,
>> Distribution Set 2/A."  Does it worth anything ?
>Adding to Glenn Krasner's "bit of history," the tape you have is a ParcPlace
>v2.4 release. It's not worth anything special, 

I'm obliged to point out that it is still protected by (now) ObjectShare
copyright, so the code in it can't be used willy-nilly. There are portions
of that code which we still want to protect, and there is a lot of that
code that is already available and other portions we'd be willing to make
available when we get cycles to deal with Sam's request.

>except to a collector of software that was actually ported to the 386i...



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