Smalltalk from Xerox

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Mon May 4 17:22:56 UTC 1998

Xerox licensed the initial Smalltalk-80 system (on which Squeak was based)
to four companies including Apple in 1980-1981. A couple of years later,
Xerox licensed the "Version 2" image more generally--with was the basis of
products available from Tektronix on their 4400-series machines, from
Softsmarts on PCs, and others.

I don't recall the actual date, but I believe that by 1982 Xerox Special
Information Systems had started licensing Smalltalk-80 on the Xerox 1100
("Dolphin") machines.

ParcPlace Systems, at the time a group within Xerox, shipped its first
products in 1986 on Sun workstations.


At 08:35 AM 5/4/98 -0400, Allen Stoltzfus wrote:
>TO: All
>I understand that sometime in 81-82 Xerox made Smalltalk available at a
nominal fee. (I believe this was the time that a small company's Rosetta
Smalltalk stopped shipping.)
>Can you confirm and can you substantiate this date? Or was it later. Thanks.
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