Squeak Sound and NT

Cynthia Nelson cindynelson at abraxis.com
Tue May 19 16:45:55 UTC 1998


I mentioned several weeks ago that I was having trouble
getting sound files to play clearly using Squeak on a NT
platform. All the other sound files I have work just fine
on NT as long as I do not run them from Squeak. The problem 
is the same in beta 2.0 as it was in 1.31.

I am currently just booting into Win95 on the same machine
to and the sound in Squeak is great but this is sort of 
inconvenient because I do almost everything else from NT.

My machine has plenty of resources in the way of memory,
space and speed so I do not think it is a hardware problem.

When I asked about this before the experts on our lists did
say it looked as if it was a problem in Squeak at least with
version 1.31.

I am really curious about this since no one else seems to have
mentioned it. Has anyone else has had a similar problem
with NT 4.0? Maybe I am just the squeaky wheel.

Thanks in advance.

The Squeaky Wheel.

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