Maloney johnm at
Wed May 13 15:59:35 UTC 1998

>Is it possible that the MessageTally gets spoiled while it runs? I usually 
>see that in the method spyEvery:on:, there's a local name called startTime. 
>It is set to Time millisecondClockValue. But when it is used to subtract some 
>clock value from Time millisecondClockValue, just below that, somehow it 
>appears to have been rendered into nil. The report comes out, though... is it 
>that it keeps running for a while until it gets killed, so that it spies one 
>time too many times, spies the void or something else, and so the context the 
>tally is using to spy has gone astray or something of the sort?

I think this may be an off-by-one bug in the debugger's local
variable's inspect pane, rather than a bug in MessageTally.
Try selecting "startTime" in the debugger and doing a "print it";
you'll probably find that it isn't really nil.

	-- John

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