FTPing with Squeak

Ted K. tedk at wdi.disney.com
Fri May 1 17:59:29 UTC 1998

>- Or, is it hard to convert FTPSocket to do active transfers?

	It is very easy to do active transfers.  I had to go to extra work in FTPSocket to make it passive, so we could use it from behind the firewall at Disney.
	In active mode, the client obtains a port, tells the server, and the server opens a connection to it.  
	In passive mode, the client asks the server what port it wants to use on the server.  The server says a number, and the client opens a port to the server.  The client then issues a put or a get.

	But a better solution is to find a Mac FTP server that does passive.  Squeak could be such a server with a little work.....


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