Squeak Party

Dan Ingalls DanI at wdi.disney.com
Mon May 25 00:50:20 UTC 1998

I wrote...
>... But is has been too long since we had a party.

glenn <krasner at objectshare.com> wrote...
>And I absolutely agree with your party concept.

Eliot Miranda <elcm at pacbell.net> wrote...
>Yowza!  So, when and where?  ParcPlace's Sunnyvale head-quarters are a
>little truncated now that administration has moved down to Irvine.  How
>about the bar on Alpine with the large back-yard.  Can't remember the
>name, but its kind-of central for the penninsula, and pleasantly rural. 
>Who knows its name and exact address (for Yahoo maps)?  For the time I
>propose the last Friday in May.

Mike Klein <mike at twinsun.com> wrote...
>Could we move it to Saturday?
>This would give us working stiffs a chance to actually make it.


Shall we do it?  I can only do Saturday -- kids in school, etc.  I would love a reunion at Zott's (aka Rosotti's Alpine Beer Garden in Portola Valley (right next to Palo Alto), CA).  I'm lining up a sitter for the dogs, and I think the car will do the 4 hours down to sea level.

So, in an attempt to crystallize this plan, I will commit to being at Zotts around 1pm on Saturday the 30th, ready for a good burger, a tall pitcher, and some appropriately aimless conversation.


	- Dan

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