question about BufferMsecs in SoundPlayer

Maloney johnm at
Sun May 3 15:36:12 UTC 1998

Re: Problem #1.
>In order to get rid of a rather abundant reverb, it seemed
>just resetting the reverb to false in the initialization file
>did not turn it off so I used this. I do not know why it works
>like this.
>SoundPlayer startUp.
>SoundPlayer stopReverb.
>PluckedSound bachFugue play.

You're right, that's what you have to do right now.
I'll look into this.

>Problem #2
>After getting rid of the reverb. The piece would start off OK 
>then when the 3rd and 4th voices "kicked in" it seemed to become 
>"out of synch".  I remarked out those two voices and got the 
>entire piece to play cleanly "minus the 2 voices".
>I have tried resetting BufferMsecs to see what would happen but it
>did not correct the problem. 

What you're hearing is skipping because Squeak isn't able
to fill the sound output buffer in time. On Win95, setting
the sampling rate to 11250 in SoundPlayer>initialize yields
smooth sound output, at least on a P133. Another possible
problem may be that your CPU is not fast enough to support
4 voices. What kind of CPU do you have, and what's its clock
speed? Does it have an L2 cache?

The sound interface code in the Win32 Squeak VM ignores
the BufferMsecs setting, so it won't help to experiment
with that.

	-- John

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