Squeak 2.0 Beta Release (feedback)

Sabine van Loon R.L.J.M.W.van.Loon at inter.nl.net
Sat May 9 21:49:54 UTC 1998


here's some feedback on the 2.0 Beta Release.

Platform: Win95 on 486DX-100MHz with 32 MB RAM.

SerialPorts and MIDI:
	Works fine for me.
	cursor tracking is faster. 
	overall speed is slow. E.g. Open Morphic Construction: 7 seconds.
	Construction: reminds me a lot of the PARTS Workbench in VSE.
	Nice trashcan in Construction.
	I like the new backgroundcolor
	How about changing the browser default background color to white?
	Apparently the bold versions of Comic are not derived. Why?
	(They use a different naming scheme and have different point size)
	Why not add Andreas' stfont.st to the image?
	(Eases the possibility to add new fonts).
	My VM reported an uptime of 10h54m36s after (what I thought was) 10
minutes work. 
	Never knew I was that slow ;-).
Invisible characters
	Didn't make it?
Indented volume list
	Didn't make it?

Best regards, Reinier.

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