Smalltalk-80 tape

Alan Lovejoy sourcery at
Wed May 6 03:29:09 UTC 1998

Stephen Travis Pope wrote:

> > Smalltalk-80 Version 2.4...
> Oh, I forgot to mention--I believe that tape is from about 1987.
> stp

I am very sure that 2.4 was released in 1989.  I remember my manager at
AT&T Paradyne,
Seaton Kenworthy, standing in my cube in January 1989 with the new VI
2.4 tape in his
hot little hands.

Version name            Release Date    Notable Changes/Additions (as
best I can remember)

Version 2.0                1985?             ??? (first "Parc" version I
ever saw or used--before this, I used the Tek version)
Version 2.1                1986?             ??? (I don't remember how
this differed from 2.0)
Version 2.2                1987               Improvements to text
handling (I remember this because I had to fix the problems it caused)
Version 2.3                1988               User primitives. (I
remember this because I was assigned the task of creating color graphics
Version 2.4                1989 (early)    Exceptions, Filename,
SourceFileManager (I never actually used this version, but went straight
to 2.5).
Version 2.5                1989 (late)      New syntax (symbols, radix
literals, assignmentOp). ParserCompiler. C-Connect. Bug fixes
Version 4.0                1990 (late)      Smalltalk Portable Imaging
Model, View=>VisualComponent, Abstract text attributes
Version 4.1                1992               Bug Fixes
VisualWorks 1.0        1992               Gui
VisualWorks 2.0        1994               ObjectLens.  Bug fixes
VisualWorks 2.5        1995               Events.

-- Alan

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