startup of headless vm

Tim Rowledge rowledge at
Wed May 27 17:04:39 UTC 1998

On Wed 27 May, Andreas Raab wrote:
> > >I first asked Ian about the problem, because I thought a headless vm
> > >was something unix specific.
> > 
> > For now it is, AFAIK.
> Let me add a little correction: The Windows VM *can* be run headless by
> using the "-headless" flag
and so can the Acorn; in fact, since the Acorn doesn't open any window unless primitveBeDisplay() is called, you can run headless either with the 'headless' flag being read via getSystemAttributes, or by changing the processStartupList to
 simply avoid the send of #beDisplay. The advantage of having the image control headlessness is that a Notifier could be allowed to force a window and thus allow debugging.


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