Updated 2.00Beta + Siren MIDI VI/VM at CREATE

Stephen Travis Pope stp at limbo.create.ucsb.edu
Thu May 21 09:38:57 UTC 1998

Hello all,

I just up-loaded a new image, changes file and MIDI-enabled VM to

The new image includes:

	- All 2.00B updates as of yesterday evening

	- Loads of MIDIPort examples/tests (see the system outline page on MIDI)

	- Improved outline browser that runs in MVC and Morphic and contains 
		all those little text views in Squeak's start-up project.

	- Desktop backgrounds from GIF files of patterns

	- Long transcript 

Note: The image *does not* contain all of the STP12 goodies or Siren.

....comments are invited...

As soon as 2.00 is released, I'll have a Siren image ready with MIDI VMs at
least for Mac, Windows, and SGI. I'll then set up an update directory at
CREATE especially for Siren updates.


_ Stephen Travis Pope
_ Center for Research in Electronic Art Technology (CREATE)
_ Dept. of Music, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)
_ stp at create.ucsb.edu,  http://www.create.ucsb.edu/~stp/

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