First automatic updates to beta image available

Dan Ingalls DanI at
Tue May 12 20:52:51 UTC 1998

To all users of the Vers 2.0 beta image -

As you may have read, Version 2 includes a facility for automatically updating your system from a remote server if you are connected to the Internet (hats off to Ted Kaehler who did all the hard work on this).

1.  We have run into a problem with one of the servers referred to in the beta image, so you will need to execute the following exression in your beta image, and then save...

(Utilities classPool at: #UpdateUrlLists) do: [:group |
    ((group at: 2) includes: '') ifTrue: [
        group at: 2 put: ((group at: 2) copyWithout: '')]].

2.  Henceforth, whenever you wish, you may choose 'update code from server' from the 'help...' menu.  As of this writing, you should receive 7 new updates if you choose this command.

This first spate of updates include numerous fixes and features,
mostly relating to Squeak in Morphic...

	Access to context menu in debugger value panes
	Autoselect for doIt, printIt, inspectIt
	Fixes to the parts bin
	Dirties FillInTheBlankMorph initial text so accept works
	Conversion of MVC menus now works with text in title
	Project creation fixed to make a new transcript (used to share).
	System window only tries to step model if it responds to step.
	ComponentLikeModel moved to Components category.
	World open... menu now offers to open transcript
	World changeBackgroundColor now does continuous updating
	Transcript now works in morphic.
	Numerous changes to PluggableTextMorph to support Transcript.
	TextPanes now try to keep selection in view in many cases.
	Quit, Save, setDisplayDepth, MessageTally now available in the World menu

We have a number of further features to complete or fix, after which we plan to put in a few days on appearance and performance.

Please let us know of any untoward experiences with the automatic update facility.

	- Dan

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