14 new updates to the beta image

Dan Ingalls DanI at wdi.disney.com
Tue May 19 05:36:28 UTC 1998

I've just released a bunch more updates to the beta image.  The punch list is still growing faster than we can fix things, but Morphic/Squeak is actually getting usable.  Friday is still the target for 2.0...

Thanks for your continued testing and useful feedback.  Here's what's new...

Make project-link morphs to tie together your projects in an arbitrary network.
An interim facility for recording a BookMorph page as a prototype to be copied
    when inserting new pages. Handy for making a book with a consistent layout.
    True shared masters will ocme later.
Several open methods now know whether to open in Morphic or in MVC.
Many more of the standard comforts are now available from the morphic world menu.
A first stab at a reasonable appearance for Squeak windows in morphic.
A new top-down display algorithm make morphic display considerably faster
    when there are many layers underneath where you are working.
Morphic windows can now collapse and expand themselves.
ChangeLists can now be opened in Morphic, although...
    Still don't have read-only code pane and
    Still don't have multiple selections
Better window borders due to integer coordinates.
FileView folder list is now indented (R van Loon)
New interface for resizing morphic windows.
Morphic windows can now update their labels properly

Bug fixes:
A fix and cleanup of  'senders of...' and 'implementors of...' from Bill Dargel.
Fixed condenseSources so class comments and author stamps get preserved.
Fixed HaloMorph drift due to updating its bounds
Dragging windows causes less redisplay.
Another fix to allow text as well as strings in Morphic menu conversions
Fixed bug in SequenceableCollection>>withIndexCollect: -- no return value.

....and, by the way, thank you all (at least 20 of you are tracking updates, it seems) for responding about the beta test process and automatic updates.  More is yet to come in Squeak's remote access to source code...  '-).

	- Dan (for the Squeak team)

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