11 new updates to the beta image

Dan Ingalls DanI at wdi.disney.com
Thu May 14 21:56:37 UTC 1998

F.Y.I.  Herewith a summary of bugs/features addressed.

Please send me a *private* reply if you are tracking updates.
I will stop broadcasting these messages if only a handful of people are doing this.

	- Dan I
Change Sorters now work in Morphic
Auto-select fixed in messageLists (ie browse senders)
Broadcast to multiple update servers reinstated
	(we will reinstate for update clients after test)
Debugger pc highlight updates when method is same
Transcript now deletes from top not bottom (duh)
Copy/paste in Morphic
Fix for world halo creep
Display flash: fix from Andreas Raab
Float comment fix from Tim Olson
Morphic Windows now obey ActiveOnlyOnTop, as in MVC
Cleaned up chooseColor; eliminated the ColorChart
Misc. small fixes from Georg Gollmann, Tim Olson, Andreas Raab
Can now paste book pages (any pasteup/playfield/holder) into books from the book control panel

Numerous fixes from Scott W, including...
*  Removed the last residual linkage between MorphicModel and anything in the "PasteUpMorph and Player" regime.  Recently, the MorphicModel had only been used for the purpose of enumerating all the extant Players.  Now this is done via a cache held on to by the World and recomputed when necessary by scanning the Morph tree.

*  Combined the "embed" and "place in..." commands into a single command, called "embed", similar to the original "embed" but able to work in the intuitively obvious way even when the operands are nested any number of levels deep in PasteUpMorphs.

*  Removed the ambiguity about where an object's name resides, and consequently removed the #externalName slot from the ActorState.  Now the external name lives  *only* as the value of the #name property.  It gets automatically transported back and forth between the flexmorph and the real morph in the same manner as the ActorState.

*  "duplicate" and "make another instance of same user class" are now on much sounder footings.  You can script an object and either duplicate or new-instance it, and may find that the newly-minted copy works as you'd hope.  In the case of multiple instances of a single user class, it's even robust about post-editing of the class, which is to say: you can add instance variables, and change their type, at will, and all extant instances should "catch up" intelligently.

*  Merged my recent menu changes with John's recent "copy/paste morph" addition.  And, because of the above, "copy/paste morph" now works beautifully even with *scripted* objects.

Among the bugs fixed and glitches addressed:
*  cmd-t no longers gets ParagraphEditors into an intractable state.
*  Viewer in EToy no longer vanishes after you submit a new name.
*  Several long-standing errors relating to Bookmorph menus fixed.
*  Spruce-ups of appearance and default properties of BookMorphs in Parts Bin.
*  BookPages start animating as soon as you go to them now.
*  Newly added Bookpages now start out with size, border, color as predecessor.
*  The paint-invoking-widget in EToys now works the same as in general Morphic.
*  No longer drop into debugger when trying to get to Studio Cover (what is that, anyway?).
*  Fixed several "name" bugs relating to flexing.
*  When a PasteUp becomes a PartsBin, its event handlers are suspended.
*  Empty slot & method banks are allowed; allows much smaller Viewers.
*  Long delays when duplicating e.g. StopButton are no more.
*  Holder's cursor no longer freezes at one.
*  Bug fix in & fine-tuning of available-costumes in the change-costume menu.
*  The old "userStuffBook" is reconstituted to use PasteUpMorphs for pages.
      (note: it had ClippingMorphs in it -- a class never referred to in
      the image, but surviving in ancient instances held on to by a class

Some known residual problems:
*  Newly-ticking scripts sometimes are unresponsive to Stop button.  
     (workaround: hit Go, *then* hit Stop).
*  Mouse-over halos not appearing over objects on Playfield in etoys.
*  Seem to have lost content of Imagis tab in etoy framework.
*  Names sometimes too eagerly assigned to innocent objects.

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