Events Systems in/and Squeak?

Maloney johnm at
Wed May 13 23:46:00 UTC 1998

>I notice in the goodies there is a submission from  Tim Jones which is an
>implementation   of an event system based on Visual Smalltalk's, which he
>suggests as an addition to Morphic. I infer from this that Morphic in not
>currently event driven.
>  Before Squeak, I had not used any ST dialect for years, but I remember the
>great pain of new learning :-) when MVC aka MPD was redesigned for events in
>commercial Smalltalks like Digitalk's. In view of the option in Squeak 2 of
>using MVC or Morphic, is Squeak moving in the same direction? Is this a false
>analogy, and if not is there much relearning involved in moving from MVC to
>As regards events,  perhaps this has been gone into in the past, but for new
>Squeak users like me, what is the Squeak philosophy regarding  events, are
>they envisaged as an optional add-on to the system or at the other extreme, as
>being eventually integrated into the virutal machine. 
>Ian Harkin

Morphic is event driven; MVC is not. Squeak is moving toward
Morphic, and we don't plan any major changes in Morphic's event
handling architecture. Currently the virtual machine itself is
not event based, but applications built in Morphic are not
aware of that. Thus, if the virtual machine becomes event based,
there will be no impact on Morphic clients (and probably very
little impact on MVC clients).

	-- John

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