Trying out morphic

Ted K. tedk at
Wed May 27 17:35:54 UTC 1998

>I am trying to move a morphic world from 1.31 to 2.0 and I have the
>following problem: when I read morphs from file, I get a "class is not
>in structures list" error.  The className is DiskProxy.

	For simple morphic worlds, it should be possible to "save morphs in file" in the old image, and "load morphs from file" in the new.  We have done this for BookMorphs with TextMorphs inside them.

	DiskProxy is used to write out a reference to a global resource that should not be written itself.  It is used to connect to that same global, but in the new system.   A DiskProxy is generated when your object tree containts a Class, a Metaclass, the Display, a Font, or (TextConstants at: #DefaultTabsArray).  
	The error you saw is not supposed to happen.  It means the DiskProxy is being read as a normal object.  It is not being picked up and translated.  
	Since the changes in Morphic were so drastic this release, I recommend that you rebuild the structures in the new system.  (You could try simplifying the structure you are writing out.)


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