Squeak Party

Alan C. Kay alank at wdi.disney.com
Wed May 27 13:42:53 UTC 1998

Dan and all --

I would love to make the party at "Formerly known as Rossoti's", but will still be in Tucson -- please hoist a few for me!




At 8:39 PM -0700 5/26/98, Eliot & Linda wrote:
>Dan Ingalls wrote:
>> I wrote...
>> >... But is has been too long since we had a party.
>> So, in an attempt to crystallize this plan, I will commit
>> to being at Zotts around 1pm on Saturday the 30th, ready
>> for a good burger, a tall pitcher, and some appropriately
>> aimless conversation.
>> Waddyasay
>Yes!!!!!  See as many as turn up on Saturday!
>Eliot Miranda

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