Squeak 2.0 Beta Release

CYNTHIA NELSON cindynelson at abraxis.com
Sat May 9 15:03:53 UTC 1998

At 01:43 AM 5/9/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Folks -
>I have just placed a beta release of Squeak 2.0 on the uiuc server.
>	(Hey, it's still Friday in Hawaii ;-)
>It is stored in mac binary form as a self-extracting archive containing
changes, and a new VM (Mac only). 

HMMMM....I guess this means 2.0 only runs on the Mac now. I thought 
maybe if I could get to the C code, I could just recompile it using
C or Visual C++ on NT or 95. 

I actually did compile the code for ver 1.23 in December using the
MS VisualStudio for C and C++ and it worked fine. When I downloaded 1.31 
it seemed to be fairly well "boxed up" for Windows so I did not have to
compile that one.

This morning I  did manage to crash my NT Server while playing around 
with the unzipped Squeak 2.0 files and the C compiler. No....it was not
but I did manage to get the machine back to an error free state. I was hoping 
someone might give me some advice about how I might go about this adventure.
For now I guess I will just use ver 1.31 and look forward to 2.0 later.

I am particularly interested in seeing the added sound features.


Cindy Nelson

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