question about BufferMsecs in SoundPlayer

Maloney johnm at
Tue May 5 15:18:01 UTC 1998

>Thanks John and Andreas for all your help. To answer your 
>questions about my system. On my NT box (also boots to Win 95)
>I have an AMI dual processor motherboard with two Pentium
>Pro 200 chips, 128MB of RAM, a CreativeLabs AWE64 sound
>card and also the harddrive I use for Squeak is fairly new
>with a fast seek time. Therefore, I do not think the hardware
>is a problem.

Nope, that's plenty fast.

>Here is the GOOD news. Even though I was having the same problem 
>with Win95, I reset the software for my sound card. The new settings
>fixed the problem and the sound from Squeak is really good. I will 
>just work on my sound project with Win95 and wait for 2.0 to continue 
>working with sound using NT. 

Great! Sounds like there is an NT-specific problem here. Thanks
for letting us know.

	-- John

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