Updates 'R' Us - Morphic debugger

Dan Ingalls DanI at wdi.disney.com
Wed May 27 15:33:45 UTC 1998

Bill -

>I spent some time working with 'step' in the Morphic debugger. It's not
>easy trying to debug the debugger. I pretty much resorted to inserting
>code that blasted info directly onto the display. I came up with a
>handful of fixes, which I've attached.

Debugging the debugger is always hard.  But it's good for you!

>> 062DebuggerPcFix-ar.st
>>         Fixes pc selection during debugger step.
>but this change apparently was mis-transcribed from Andreas Raab's fix.
>-The Debugger step method needs to do a changed: #contentsSelection (not

Aaugh!  Apologies to all, esp to Andreas.  I should just have copied from the msg.

>-The PluggableTextMorph setSelection: method would only display the
> ...<several other fixes snipped> ...

Many thanks for your corrections, Bill.
I'll get them out as updates, along with a couple of others today.

	- Dan

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