question about BufferMsecs in SoundPlayer

CYNTHIA NELSON cindynelson at
Sat May 2 20:29:47 UTC 1998


I have spent the day exploring some of the classes in the
System Sound library. There is an example of a Bach Fugue
(I think I've actually played a piano version at one time.)
which I had trouble getting to play cleanly on by NT box
at home. I know the sound card is OK because Encore among
other things works. 

Problem #1.

In order to get rid of a rather abundant reverb, it seemed
just resetting the reverb to false in the initialization file
did not turn it off so I used this. I do not know why it works
like this.

SoundPlayer startUp.
SoundPlayer stopReverb.
PluckedSound bachFugue play.

Problem #2

After getting rid of the reverb. The piece would start off OK 
then when the 3rd and 4th voices "kicked in" it seemed to become 
"out of synch".  I remarked out those two voices and got the 
entire piece to play cleanly "minus the 2 voices".

I have tried resetting BufferMsecs to see what would happen but it
did not correct the problem. 

It seems like I had a similar problem with a sequencer I had to use
one time on stage. The sequencer belonged to another musician so I
never figured out the problem.

Any ideas.

Thanks in advance.

Cindy Nelson
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