Mouse Buttons and Modifier Keys (was Yellow Button and Morphi c)

Kevin Driedger kdriedge at
Fri May 29 17:50:28 UTC 1998

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	 The Smalltalk image from which Squeak is derived was designed
> run with a three-button mouse on an Alto or Dorado computer. These
> buttons were known as "red", "blue", and "yellow", and some
> mice really had buttons of these colors.
> Win32 machines have only two mouse buttons, so the mapping is:
> 	left-mouse		-> "red"
> 	alt-left-mouse		-> "blue"
> 	right-mouse		-> "yellow"
> The Mac has only a single button, so the mapping is:
> 	mouse			-> "red"
> 	cmd-mouse		-> "blue"
> 	option-mouse		-> "yellow"
> I believe the mapping of modifier keys is:
> 	Mac	Win32	Unix
> 	shift	shift	shift
> 	ctrl	ctrl	ctrl
> 	cmd	alt	meta(?)
> 	option	---	---
	[Kevin Driedger]  On my Sun workstation sitting in front of me
there are the following keys: shift, ctrl, alt, meta and "Compose".

	On any newer Windows machine they have this "Windows" button
with the Windows (TM) logo on it (something equivalent to say, the
singer formerly known as Prince).

	On Linux machines there is a difference between the left and
right alt keys where the left key is the compose key.

	As a possible solution, we could map the option modifier to say,
Ctrl-Shift or Alt-Ctrl.

> Re:
> >On a more general note: Are there any efforts going on that are
> related
> >to making the user input interface more easily configured or
> customized,
> >without the need to change methods in the base system?
> Not that I know of.
	[Kevin]  I guess that is what open source is for, eh?

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