Should FileDirectory paths have a dirsep on the end or not?

Maloney johnm at
Sun May 3 17:31:47 UTC 1998

At 2:20 PM -0700 5/2/98, Tim Rowledge wrote:
>I found a confusion in the treatment of the paths held by FileDirectory
>whilst rying to make PWS run on my Acorn. Basically, the PWS code is
>assuming that there is a separator character at the end of the path (ie
> ) whereas I had rather thought that they didn't.

The intended spec is that sending pathName to an instance of
FileDirectory (or one of its platform dependent subclasses) should
return a pathName that does NOT end in a separator character, so
your directory primitives are correct.

We should fix the PWS code to not expect a trailing separator,
then make FileDirectory class>on: strip off a trailing separator
if one is supplied. Meanwhile, you'll probably just want to
work around the problem.

	-- John

P.S. Do you have a pointer to the problem methods in PWS?
I noticed that ServerAction>serverDirectory is assumed to
return a path ending in a delimiter for convenience, but
that seems fair since it is used only as a prefix string
to construct file names.

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