Updates 'R' Us

Jeffrey Odell jeffo at esprithealth.com
Tue May 26 11:04:15 UTC 1998

After setting my proxy server correctly, the update worked well for me also.
I was using the recently released WIN32 port for 2.0.

For those who may have missed the message, setting the proxy server was as
simple as executing:

	HTTPSocket useProxyServerNamed: '' port: 8080.

where you substitute your proxy server address and the port number of the
http service.


Jeff Odell
Esprit Health, LLC
Tampa, FL
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> From: Dan Ingalls [mailto:DanI at wdi.disney.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 1998 12:18 AM
> To: squeak at cs.uiuc.edu
> Subject: Updates 'R' Us
> Folks -
> Well, you have heard about automatic code updates in Squeak 2.0.
> Now is your chance to try them out.  If you are connected to the
> Internet, all you should have to do is:
> 	Start with a reasonably clean copy of 2.0,
> 	choose 'help...' from the screen menu, and
> 	then choose 'update code from server' in the next menu.
> After a modest delay, you should see a progress bar as each
> update rolls in, and then a confirmation of how many updates were
> received (this will depend on when you get around to trying
> this).  You should then save a copy of this image, as it will
> save you time not to have to repeat this process every time you
> want to get a clean image.
> To give you a sense of how this can impact life between changes,
> I believe that every bug report so far since the release of 2.0
> is dealt with in this first set of six changes.
> 058CSFileIn-di.cs
> 	Causes fileIn to recognize and save ChangeSet preambles.
> 059FileListScrollbarFix-di
> 	A proper fix to the erratic FileList scrollbar.
> 060NewServerOrg-di.cs
> 	Moves server globals into class ServerDirectory.
> 061MorphicPaneMenus-di
> 	Enables option menus in morphic browsers.
> 062DebuggerPcFix-ar.st
> 	Fixes pc selection during debugger step.
> 063aboutSystemFix-tao
> 	Makes aboutThisSystem work when you have no updates
> 	(which won't be so after the update but, oh, well...;-)
> The update facility is primarily the work of Ted Kaehler,
> although it owes much to the underlying socket support built a
> while back by John Maloney.
> 	- Dan

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