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Dan Ingalls DanI at
Wed May 27 17:08:53 UTC 1998

Folks -

I have just put out five new updates...

064ServerSortBy-di.cs    (1998.05.27 08:36:54 5,516)
Supports sorting by date, name or size in remote directories.

065serversInRoot-di.cs    (1998.05.27 08:36:21 8,183)
Automatically includes all known servers in the root list (what you see when you choose [ ] ).
Also fixes 'add server' and adds 'remove server'.
Also fixes a bug that prevented one from seeing file names with spaces.
Also fixes a bug that prevented looking at directories other than the leaf directory.
Lets you freely go back and forth from Net to Disk.

066DebuggerFixes-wod.cs    (1998.05.27 09:17:51 3,799)
Bill Dargel's debugger fixes from a previous message - many thanks!

067tk-chooseServer-DG.cs    (1998.05.27 08:58:34 3,148)
Lets you to abort by choosing no server group when you start to load updates.

068tk-saveMorph-BG.cs    (1998.05.27 08:58:45 16,079)
Allows saving morphs with scripts.  The unit of saving is the PasteUpMorph (i.e. Playfield).  In the halo of a PasteUpMorph, in its menu, choose "playfield options...", then "save morph in file".   It is OK if viewers and scripts are open at the time of saving.  But, any script that is not *named* will be inaccessable later.  So name you scripts before saving.  I (TK) will issue a later update that explicitly asks you to name the scripts.

To bring a playfield back, in the World menu, under "file...", choose "read morph(s) from file".  It will come in and stick to the cursor.  (We need to get a file picker in here, because we all know it is bad interface to ask the user to type an existing name.)


	- Dan

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