Memory Access problems (possibly)...

David Anderson deandrsn at
Mon May 25 22:55:17 UTC 1998

Ok, first I will explain what I am trying to do, then the problem that I am

I am attempting to implement a COM interface on top of Alejandro F.
Reimondo's API library for squeak.

I can successfully make calls to the OLE2.DLL.  Which means I can get an
interface pointer to a COM object.  (sorry to those of you who don't know
COM, but you might not need to know it to help me out).
Anyway, once I have the interface, I should be able to make calls to it
through function pointers stored in the interface.  I am using the
externalFunction capabilities of Ale's library, and I get right up to the
point that I make a C call to the function who's address I received via the
interface.  However, instead of making the function call, I get the
following message:

Function call vMemIsReservedPage::VirtualQuery() in line 102 of
sqWin32Alloc.c Failed:
GetLastError() returned 0
$Id: sqWin32Alloc.c, v 1.4 1997/04/28 20:16:34 raab Exp $

It looks like some exception is getting thrown.  I know that the function
address is valid because I have a little dummy C++ COM application and can
compare the function addresses to the squeak version.  I think the exception
might be thrown because the function address is outside some specified valid
address range for the squeak VM.  But I think the DynamicLink library calls
would have a similar problem.

I am developing on squeak VM 1.31.

If anyone has any idea of what the problem might be or where to start
looking, I would appreciate a reply.

Dave Anderson
deandrsn at

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