Wednesday's updates to beta image

Alexander Lazarevic lazarevi at prinz-atm.cs.Uni-Magdeburg.DE
Thu May 21 04:52:33 UTC 1998

 > I have just released another spate of updates.  Note that one of them recompiles the interpreter classes, so it may look like it is hung for a few minutes.
 > *Test Pilots Wanted*
 > A major feature of this set of updates is that FileLists can now see FTP servers anywhere on the net.
 >     In the volume list menu: 
 >     fill in server info...	Gives you a form to register a new ftp server you want to use.
 >     open server...		Choose a server to connect to.
 >     local disk		Go back to looking at your local volume.

Very pleasant feature. I just tested it under Linux with a 1.3 vm and
had no problems. 


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